Validation of MED+ Warranty

MED+ comes with a one (1) year limited warranty from the date of retail purchased. As part of the warranty limitation, customers may process one (1) MED+ device warranty per within a 90 days period. Any additional request for a MED+ device replacement may be allowed upon receipt of original device purchased.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

MED+ warranty only warrants MED+ device againts defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for one (1) year from the date of retail purchase from and from authorised MED+ retailers by the original purchaser. This Limited Warranty by any means is NOT transferable to subsequent purchasers.

Please visit for a list of authorised MED+ retailers.

If a valid claim under this Limited Warranty is received within the one (1) year warranty period, a defect device will be exchange for a new one

What is not covered by the limited warranty?

  1. MED+ Pods are not covered by this warranty. Damage caused by misuse, flood, fire, earthquake, accident, abuse or other external cases.
  2. Damage caused by the device being exposed to or coming in contact with moistrure (e.g. water, rain, liquids, extreme humidity, or other moisture), or extreme thermal or environmental conditions.
  3. Damage caused by operating the device outside the permitted or intended use as described in the device documentation.
  4. A device or part that has been modified to alter functionality or capability.
  5. Damage to device attributable to accessories or attachments not authorised or recommended for MED+, or usage there of was outside of normal or recommended use.
  6. Cosmetic damage occuring through wear and tear, including but not limited to dents, broken plastic, and scratches.
  7. Degradation of batteries

Please contact MED+ customer care for more infromation on battery degradation.

In addition, opening, disassembling or tampering with your device in any way will automatically void this Limited Warranty.

Register A Device

  • This information will help us to determine that the MED+ you bought is authentic and it will allow us to identify and register your device in our system.
  • **Please make sure the correct number is being registered, otherwise it will cause problem to register your device. If there are any issue, please email to
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png.
    Upload the image of your warranty card that contains the warranty code