MED+ was founded by, Frost and Afif, with one goal in mind – to shift the lives of millions of adult smokers worldwide. We envision a future where there would be much less people that smoke cigarettes, and those who smoke cigarettes would have the proper tools to help them put an end to their cigarettes’s addiction entirely, should they so desire


We recognize and understand that smoking alternatives has been the subject of conversation among adult smokers. We welcome discussion, debate, dialogue and data, to publish results from vaping-related research that we conduct


As product designers, innovators, and engineers, we believe that vaping can have both positve and negative impacts when used by both smokers and non-smokers. Our goal is to maximize the positive impact and reduce the negative.

The alternative provided by MED+ contain nicotine – in which based on facts given through researches that had been done, has shown to not be the cause of cancer but can create a dependency on the user. We honestly believe that these alternatives are not meant for people who already quit smoking