With its unique innovative profile, elegant interface, unique variety of flavours and superb performance, MED+ stands out as the alternative for smokers worldwide.

MED+ was designed with your future in mind.

The technology built inside MED+ devices was made to cater to all kind of smokers. MED+ is easy to use and has multiple features that would keep the users safe from unnecessary incidents – such as child lock safety feature, MED+ is a vaporizer that has adjustable regulated temperature control and uses a MED+ pod filled with a propietary e-liquid formulation that is safe to be use with MED+ device. These qualities are unique to MED+ and allow you to kick your nicotine addiction from smoking cigarettes – safe from the bad smell and ashes. By accomodating cigarettes like nicotine levels, MED+ provides maximum satisfaction to meet the standards of smokers that is looking for an alternative to smoking cigarettes